Michellin Star Experience
On October 17th of 2022, I finally decided to have my 2013 Triumph Bonneville taken in for service at the Tampa Triumph Dealership. i contacted Carlos Nemri owner Statewide Transportation Services to have my Bike trailer in. I followed Carlos to the dealership where I was greeted by Jonathan Cardin and Chris Crane in Parts and Service who advised me that they would perform a thorough analysis of my vehicle and make sure it gets the white glove treatment. Sadly for me letting it sit for so long it needed a slew of work performed but this was its first visit ever to the dealership. Needless to say, it took a few months to get all of the required parts in but they were gracious enough to keep my motorcycle in their care till all the parts arrived. I finally got the call that it was ready for pickup. I was so happy with the care they took and the needed repairs made to my vehicle. I strongly recommend Tampa Triumph for all your future Triumph needs. I also would like to add that Tampa Triumph strongly recommended Statewide Transporting who took great care in getting my bike towed to the dealership. i give Tampa Triumph 5 stars. (Employee: Chris Crane, Dillon Connolly, Jonathan Cardin)
Francis Aguirre
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