Excellent Epxerience
In Sept. 2022 I bought a new Triumph Tiger 900 GT low suspension at Triumph of Tampa. The experience was overall vey satisfying. The sales person, Brian, was knowledgeable and helpful. More importantly, he paid attention to my questions and didn't try to upsell me on anything. Since he was brand new on the job didn't have all the answers but didn't hesitate to ask the more experienced staff for answers and came right back at me with those answers. Tami the owner(?)/administrator was quick and efficient in filling out the paperwork and explaining what she did. Special thanks goes to Chris from parts and services. He was helpful and knowledgeable about finding some add-ons and he ordered them for me right on the spot. Lastly, Don, the general manager(?) was helpful at explaining things. Originally I was doubtful at some of the features he explained regarding the OEM Triumph-branded top case and panniers, only to find later, in a Google search, that he was right indeed. Overall, during the whole purchase process there was zero BS, only truthful information that applied to the bike I was buying. I can also report that the mandator 600-mile inspection went well and was handled professionally. The service team was able to install a bunch of third party auxiliary lights, Denali D4 aux light, as well as a Denali SoundBomb horn. They also installed Crash guards. In closing, I am completely satisfied with my experience with the dealership. I will go there for future services and i would recommend the dealership to anyone interested in purchasing a Triumph Bike. (Employee: Brian Twomey, Chris Crane, Tami Viera, Don Baker)
Johnn Borenstein
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